The Philadelphia Pathwork Summer Institute

The Summer Institute was founded for Pathwork Helpers and experienced Pathworkers who share a deep commitment to the Pathwork teachings and the growth and spiritual transformation they offer.  

The Guide often underscores the importance of our continuing our own Pathwork in order to be the best we can be and help others. The Pathwork Summer Institute offers the luxury of time and the spaciousness to explore a particular topic in depth together with Pathworkers from around the world.

Inspired by a need and desire to nourish our own practice in community, the program is open to Pathwork Helpers and committed Pathworkers worldwide who are true disciples of the lectures and who, in their passion for the teachings, want to continue the deepest excavation of these treasures we have been given for our soul's journey.

2019 Programs

Building on the success of our inaugural 2017 program, we will continue the Divine Sexuality program with Sagewalker of the Canada/Toronto Pathwork Region and the Currency of Freedom program with Brian O'Donnell of the Great Lakes Pathwork Region. New for 2019 will be Death’s Doorway: Dying into Life, Living into Death with Kim Rosen of Pathwork California.

Please see the flyer below. For more information, contact Amy at