Board Members

The Mission of the Philadelphia Pathwork Region The Philadelphia Pathwork Region is part of a worldwide spiritual community whose purpose is to embody the principles and practices contained in the Pathwork Guide lectures. We offer a spiritual discipline for comprehensive self-transformation through classes, process work, individual sessions and training. The Pathwork becomes a living force within that supports the unfolding soul. It is a spiritual way of being that encompasses self-exploration, self-love and evokes the light hidden within the dark aspects of consciousness.

Ernie Curtin 

is an Episcopal priest serving St. Luke’s church in Newtown, PA. He has studied Pathwork since 2004 and graduated from the Transformation Program in 2010. He serves as the Board President and is also the Philadelphia Pathwork Region’s Liaison to the International Pathwork Federation.

Rich Carlson, MSW 

is a Pathwork Helper who was introduced to Pathwork 14 years ago in Iowa City, Iowa.  Richard has been a massage therapist and Rolf Method of Structural Integration Practitioner for 18 years. He is also a recent graduate of the Rutgers School of Social Work. He leads the CCC Day committee and is currently the Spiritual Leader of the Philadelphia Pathwork Region.

Renee Whatley

is a Pathwork Helper and licensed psychologist working with adults and adolescents in individual, group and family contexts. She is a trained family therapist and previously served as the Region's Spiritual Leader.

Donna Burns Neilson 

is the owner of a medical software company and physician billing service in Garnet Valley, PA. She has studied Pathwork since 2004 and became a Pathwork Helper in 2012. She serves as the Board Treasurer as well as on the annual auction and CCC Day committees.

Amy Delafiled Rhett 

is a marketing communications executive living in Princeton, NJ.  She has studied Pathwork since 1997 and became a Pathwork Helper in 2012.  She serves as the Board Communications Liaison.